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Currently offering skin car such as Lotion bars, face cream and lip moisturizers. Lotion barsare convenient and intensify the moisturizing effects of a natural lotion in a convenient and non messy bar. They melt slightly when rubbed against your skin. The natural plant oils are absorbed creating a unique barrier to leave your skin feeling soft and silky. A little goes a long way. Excellent for dry patches of skin! Our lotion bars are formulated to glide along your skin easily with a non sticky feel.

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Artisan soap contains glycerin that naturally occurs in the saponification process. This yields a super cleansing, gentle moisturizing and irritant- free soap. Stock up! The older our soap gets, the better it becomes! Our soaps are created from scratch using raw ingredients such as luxurious quality oils and butters.

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Enjoy a beautiful experience with our bath hair care products. All natural and handmade products with quality ingredients. Losha products are paraban free and never tested on animals. Read more about our Shampoo and Conditioner bars.

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